Girl Germs (Podcast)

Girl Germs” is a five part podcast series about Bratmobile’s seminal riot grrrl album, ‘Pottymouth,’ that I helped produce for Kill Rock Stars along with The Future of What team. Over the course of the five episodes, the original members of the band reminisce about the album’s creation and the times surrounding its release with their peers, like Corin Tucker, Tae Won Yu, Slim Moon, Tim Green, and more.

Emily Heller ‘Pasta’ (Album)

Emily Heller (Barry) recorded her second album, ‘Pasta,’ for Kill Rock Stars at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR, in January of 2018. I worked with her over the next couple of months to complete the final comp of the album that was released in November. Turns out Patton Oswalt enjoyed the album, as did a lot of other folks, considering it got to #6 on the Billboard Comedy charts.

Horse Feathers “2018 EU/UK Tour Announcement” (Trailer)

After touring the U.S. throughout the spring and summer of 2018 to support their album ‘Appreciation,’ Horse Feathers returned to Oregon to play a handful of shows with their Astoria compatriots Blind Pilot, before heading over to Europe. I caught up with the band at their Aladdin Theatre show in Portland, and shot their full show with my phone, and turned the footage into the tour trailer you see above.