Elliott Smith “Bottle Up And Explode! (Alternate Version) (Lyric Video)

Using some footage that I shot in Portland’s Alameda neighborhood, on some Independence Day, many years ago, I put together this lyric video for Elliott Smith’s “Bottle Up And Explode! (Alternate Version),” which appears on the bonus disc of the recently released “Either/Or: Expanded Edition.”

Portlandia (S4)”Bridgetown Weekly” (Hero Props)

I designed several covers for the faux Portland newspaper, “Bridgetown Weekly,” that appeared throughout Season 4 of Portlandia. The paper is featured most prominently in the “Late in Life Drug Use” episode during the sketch where Spyke (Armisen) and Iris (Brownstein) eat at a sub-par Thai restaurant that has mysteriously good reviews.

Slint ‘Spiderland’ (2.5D)

In addition to designing the cinema poster for ‘Breadcrumb Trail,’ Lance Bangs’ documentary film about the popular Louisville band ‘Slint,’ I also created this short 2.5D interpretation of the band’s hallmark album, “Spiderland.”

Hari Kondabolu ‘Mainstream American Comic’ (Album Trailer)

Hari Kondabolu decided to record his second album for Kill Rock Stars in Portland, despite the fact that his Seattle friends “berated” him for doing so. Over the course of two evenings and three shows at Mississippi Studios, ‘Mainstream American Comic’ was born.

Portlandia (S5) “The Immortal Mayor” (Hero Prop)

In season five of Portlandia, during the “Sea World” episode, there’s a sketch where Fred and Carrie take on the task of making a “good” conspiracy theory about the city’s mayor gain traction. It was my job to Photoshop Kyle Maclachlan’s face into Eugène Delacroix’s “La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple.”

During the remixing and mastering process of Elliott Smith’s ‘Either/Or: Expanded Edition,’ Larry Crane dug portions of the Elliott Smith archive out of storage to check new mixes against old, etc. While the tapes were in town, I set-up a shoot with them at Jackpot! Studios. One of my photos ended up in the final packaging, and the same one appeared in issue #118 of Tape Op Magazine.

Midway In Wake “They’ll Come For Us” (Lyric Video)

Using footage selected and sync’d by Greg Reynaud (aka Midway In Wake), I made this lyric video for the song “They’ll Come For Us,” which is the first single of his second record — a concept album entitled, “Heirs To The Storm.”

Cameron Esposito “Woman Who Doesn’t Sleep With Men” (Live Clip)

In this clip from Cameron Esposito’s ‘Same Sex Symbol,’ she recounts the time when an audience member decided to point out the obvious… that she doesn’t look like the type of woman who sleeps with men. The main question here being, was it the haircut or the vest that gave her away?

Elliot Smith ‘Either/Or: Expanded Edition’ (Album Trailer)

Using the previously unreleased track “I Figured You Out” (debuted at The New York Times) and a handful of previously unseen photos of ‘Either/Or’ era Elliott Smith — taken from the personal archive of original publicist, Felice Ecker — I made a short trailer for the ‘Either/Or: Expanded Edition’ package.


Ahead of Brent Asbury’s debut release under the tounge-in-cheek moniker “PANICKER” on Three One G, I caught him for a press shoot in his “work” element — in his inner SE studio, immediately after one recording session, and minutes before another.

Art of Ballistics “Take It On Faith” (Music Video)

Given “Take It On Faith”‘s heavy use of NASA samples, and the EP’s overall “conspiracy” theme, it made sense to create a montage of vintage sci-fi and official state documentation that blurs the lines between what is real — and what has yet to be.