The Future of What (Podcast)

The Future of What


The Future of What is a weekly radio show and podcast about the music business, hosted by the Music Business Association’s president, Portia Sabin. Begun in 2015, as an educational outlet for younger musicians, and those curious about the recording industry’s machinations, the show has covered a wide range of topics that are rarely discussed in more artist focused, traditional music press. The show has addressed everything from copyright and streaming royalties, to changes in the physical merchandising landscape and battling addiction while on tour.



Portia Sabin & Dan Deacon @ Pickathon 2017
Portia Sabin & Thao Nguyen @ Pickathon 2017
Portia Sabin & Open Mic Eagle @ Pickathon 2017
Portia Sabin & La Luz @ Pickathon 2017